Hi new followers. How do you see corporate greed destroying the music industry?

  1. dancelikeavampire answered: It started with the invention of copyright laws.
  2. perfectmidnightworld answered: This was a problem in 1997. We’ve made substantial moves to correct this by making the channels work for us. Most don’t want to be on majors.
  3. preteentribe answered: How about you help me REALLY fight and occupy CMJ by providing scans of badges — so we can get in for free. (Worked for NYCC!)
  4. southierecords answered: i dont think there is anything to be done about the big companies exploiting/globalizing/profiting etc, but
  5. hr-de answered: its not just destroying it its fucking it up: like oil merchants + loggers poluting the amazon MTV nor roadrunner did you mention in your man
  6. brandonak answered: LiveNation & Ticketmaster. Venues, fans, and musicians are being treated like shit.
  7. jsbjsbjsb answered: same as it ever was. if you’re trying to get w/ a major you’re doing it wrong. also, what metacocks said. my full response won’t fit in here
  8. episodesandparallels answered: absolutely. it’s harder for new artists to get noticed and for signed artists to tour financially comfortably.
  9. licking-the-liquid-crystal answered: Artists should get the major part of the market revenue of their music again! Nowadays, labels get over 90% of the money the artists should!
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  11. dinnerkettle answered: Without even looking at major labels, diy artists who want to get their music out there via itunes have to deal with poor cuts of profit
  12. gaysagainstgaga answered: Spotify is financed by Sean Parker, who has shared his thoughts on OWS here twitter.com/#!/spar…
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